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Update from Dial Up Land

So, two more mid-semester assignments have been done, dusted and handed in (with all the sleep deprivation). And no classes were skipped at all to achieve this, either. Just one more to go, for now anyway.

I wandered in on fa11ing_away threatening the Non Existant Housemate for killing our broadband this evening, which was... amusing. (I agree, it is inconvenient timing given all the ruddy mid-semester stuff going on. Poor boy, the joyous speeds of fast broadband obviously went to his head and he OD'd on it)

Planning on getting a decent nights sleep. Because it would be nice.

Or perhaps reading my DWM. The stuff on the new Ten'n'Martha books sounds interesting (Some Martha scenes in first-person!) I do hope Minotaur gets them in soon.

Also, I cracked up when I saw the Daleks in Manhattan preview, the first paragraph compares the title to Snakes on a Plane. Partially because, well, it's Snakes on a motherfucking Plane! And partially because I used that Analogy over on the OG months ago when the title was first announced.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I have, in fact, seen Gridlock. Several times. And there was very much squee (and some tearing up). I would do my long post ep review type thing, but what with the slightly spotty dial-up, I figure I'll keep that until our connections a little more reliable. And the last mid-semester assignment is over and done, too.

I'll just have to keep my thoughts in mind, given I've had a few interesting ones (some of which have shown up in comments around the place).
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