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Oh, fandom...

I was initially going to post a review/discussion/whatever of Gridlock now, seeing that assignment-ness is done and all. However, on account of the fact that it's only a short time until the episode, and the wank and some viciousness I've seen going around in response to the episode, I've decided not to for now. Instead I'm going to stand by the things I've discussed in assorted journals and comms, and also state there was much squee and happiness from that episode.

That said, maybe after the series finishes I might go back and do a retrospective one. And probably some of my thoughts from it will carry over into my review of the next episode, anyway. I'll just hang around lifeonmartha reading the fics there.

Instead, I propose the current topic of discussion:

Chrestomanci is a Time Lord: Y/Y/MFY?
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