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"He's into musical theater, such a waste"

Aand it's Daleks! In Manhattan! Which is like Snakes on a Plane, only without the Snakes. Or the plane.

Anyway, the non-spoiler review: It was very obviously part of a two-parter, in that there's a lot of set up, but not a huge amount actually happens. Once I see the second half, my opinions of this epiode will probably change. That said, I liked it, but didn't love it (unlike Gridlock or Smith and Jones). It had some smashing lines, it had some rather good supporting characters. And it had Daleks, which always make me happy.

(Disclaimer: I'm Autralian. I know precisely jack about how good/bad the accents were. So they didn't bother me in the slightest)

Firstly, being me, the sheer fact of song and dance numbers, and showgirls and all filled me to the brim with squee. Though Tallulah must have got the lead on account of her winning personality given her shoddy dancing. Yes, I'm doing that thing martial artists must do when they watch action scenes.

I am deeply interested by what, exactly, went on between the end of Gridlock, and the start of DiM - and for that matter how long it's been. Does the mention of a detour mean that the Doctor and Martha were intending to go somewhere before she went home, or New York was an accident? There's no mention of one trip only stuff, what's going on there?

It's weirdly inconclusive, though the fact they seem, as I had sort of expected, to work rather better as a team now gives a vibe of having bonded over the Doctor talking to her. It'll be interesting to see what goes down ep 6, given it's promoted along the "Are Martha's travels with the Doctor over?" lines. Hmmm.

Also, key point: Just what did they do in that time that required the Doctor to change his suit?

Another point is that it's our first week without an Obligatory Rose Reference. Yeah, some people are saying the "They always survive and I lose everything" is a Rose one, but even in the most obvious way, she's only the tiniest part of that. I mean, the Doctor loosing his entire family, race and planet is the real big fucking deal with that line. (Great line, BTW). I've also seen it claimed the rosebuds Laszlo left Tallulah were a reference, but that's just silly. What was he supposed to leave, daisies?

It reminds me of the two quotes we got on Rose referencing, one that it was the first few episodes, and one all through the series. I'm suspecting, and I think it holds up, that by "all through the series" it's going to be more along the lines of "At the start, and a bit near the end when Jack shows up". Maybe one or two others, but I suspect it's going to be keyed down for the most part.

Anyway, back to the actual story. Actually, my thoughts on guest cast!
Tallulah: Adorable, and lots of fun. Dancing skills aside. And I loved the way she didn't reject pig!Laszlo once she saw him. It was, well, sweet.
Laszlo: Very Phantom of the Opera, innit? I wonder how he's going to end up. Pigness getting cured, dead, or what?
Frank: Also adorable, if a bit... not so notable. And perhaps a bit dim. Bless.
Diagoras: He gave me such mobster vibes the whole way through. I'd love to know how and where he first came across the Daleks, though, and how he came to work for them.
Solomon: They had a character named Solomon and he solved a dipute by splitting bread in half. Win! Also, he does well as the authorative, respected leader, who still freaks out at times.

(Also, as mentioned on the Confidential, the idea of two people having gone through the war, and then coming out with entirely different worldviews like Solomon and Daigoras is interesting. It's understandable that the OG is suggesting subtexts for future episodes here)

I'm getting more and more interested in these Biblical overtones, given the number of characters getting names from notable Bible characters. Martha, Solomon, Lazarus... Solomon and Lazarus to a certain extent have/will reflect their Bible stories, what will happen with Martha?

Daleks, yes, terribly awesome. What with their incomprehendingnes of how humanity goes on, and bitchfights over purity of the species and tentacle porn. The odd thing is, though, while I shall quite miss Dalek Sec and his made of awesomeness, and am slightly iffy on the Human!Dalek, I do think he's got the right idea. What's that line, if you don't move with the times you get left behind? Something like that. If you don't change, you're stuck, you're stagnant. Evolve or become extinct. And thus Evolution of the Daleks.

Which is a roundabout way of saying I appreciate the philosophy behind the actions. But am still pleased the Daleks were bitching about it.

Also, there was an emo Dalek. Cheer up, emo Dalek, at least it wasn't you who blew up your planet! But I will put money on the Doctor = Dalek thing being more foregrounded next episode. Raynor seems to like her good/evil parallels.

I loved the Doctor's complete and utter horror when he realised that the planet of origin for the Green Goop was Skaro. And the aforementioned line. He really does hate those evil little pepperpots.

There was some serious Doctor related gay agenda going on. Huzzah the Gay Agenda! Or Bi Agenda, really. I mean, the musical theatre line from Tallulah, and then this quote of utter fabness: "You can kiss me later. You too, Frank."

Though, the other side to that quote, is Holy Mixed Signals, Batman! I know that Ten flirts with everyone, but this is getting silly. (Also, if we weren't getting denial scenes, Doctor/Martha would be so considered nigh on canon. Srsly. Subtext and UST getting foregrounded)

The historical stuff is interesting, in the "The show's actually doing it's original historical edutainment thing" sort of way. I didn't know any of this stuff. *waves entire life in Australia flag*

Martha having a superior brain = TRUFAX. And when the Doctor made her stand forward and ask questions of the Daleks... Rose did that to the Sycorax in TCI. 14 episodes in. Martha is 4 episodes in. And dealing with the race whom she's just recently been told wiped out the Doctor's entire race and planet. Hello, guts. I'm reminded of a quote about courage isn't lack of fear, it's being afraid but still going on. Because Martha was obviously freaking, but she still did it.

Speaking of, I'm wondering if my theory of the Doctor and Medical Student as companion as being a metaphorical Chekov's Gun is starting to pay off. Because if nothing else, during Human Nature she's going to have to do that TCI "be the Doctor" thing unti; John Smith can be made to sacrifice himself. "Martha, medical opinion?" Wasn't that what Stoker was basically asking her in Smith and Jones? Only more implications of equality.

Also, there were Martha/Tallulah vibes. And Martha/Frank vibes.

More may be added, in a rambly fashion, as I think of it. But it's certain left me waiting for next week, because there's a whole lot of things I don't honestly know how will be solved.

*is very happy with the series thus far*
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