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Dear me...

Huh. Once more, I appear to have been friended by an assortment of randoms. Introduce yourselves, people! It's a bit tricky to engage with people when you, you know, have never seen their name before or anything.

In other news, the things I am currently trying not to do:

1. Go Awwww! again over the fact that one of Media, Politics and Society readings was written by our lecturer and his wife. He sounded so soppy when he was giving the background to it. Bless

2. Quote any of the recent fannish discussions on portrayals of race in our MPS take-home test. Because, inevitably, there was a question on race in the media. And we aren't allowed to use any external references.

ETA: According to fa11ing_away, I apparently looked like I was wearing Jedi clothes. Well, I was amused.
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