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Random on Fandom

Fic idea I would love someone to pick up on and write, based on some discussion I've been having.

Smith and Jones was filled with the Doctor flirting outrageously with Martha. And yet, as commented, once she gets on board the TARDIS, the Doctor backs off - well, as much as the flirty bastard can, anyway.

And thus I am now craving an AU, in which instead of picking Martha up for a companion (and limiting the flirting), the Doctor goes and picks Martha up for a one night stand.

Because that'd be just plain hot.

I'm still also craving Doctor/Martha/Shakespeare and Shakespeare as companion fics, too

Other fannish thoughts include:

I'm amused to note that some of my S3 wishlist has already been done. There's rather more fanvids than I expected on YouTube, for one thing.

Speaking of fanvids, I stand by my previous post, and will give excesive squee and kudos into the first person who manages to work clips from the Doctor Who animated series into a fanvid. Because if done well, that'd be so incredibly awesome.

Oh, and I think I shall do a mini Links List thing (Doctor Who S3 only) about half-way into the series - so after episode 6 or 7, depending how busy I am.

Also: If ever you are on the OG, and feeling a little depressed at fandom, seek out any posts by cute_blaine, who is an endless source of ecstatic enthusiasm. He never fails to cheer me.

One of his more recent posts of amusement:

(Describing Series Three) "It is sublime like a huge warm double-thickness duvet covered in cakes and money."


ETA: I should not find the results of this quite as amusing as I do.
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