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Yet more from the world of random

Daily Mail headline generator!

It became necessary for me to link the above site, after it generated for me the classic headline, WILL LESBIANS INFECT THE QUEEN WITH AIDS?

Great for teh lulz.

On some fandom related lulz, I found this article.

I haven't the faintest idea what most of the article is about, but the analogy used to explain the confusing stuff amused me immensely:

"The dichotomy is, as per usual, best illustrated with reference to Doctor Who:

Rose Tyler is engaged in a frantic, neurotic attempt to root herself and The Doctor within some kind of matrix of meaning and identity, played out against the backdrop of her electra complex, whereas Martha can more readily assimilate the irrational contradictions of travel in time and space because basically, she's tagging along for a laugh, with maybe the promise of a shag at the end of it."

And on the subject of Doctor Who, I am trying not to amuse mysef with the thought that certain sections of fandom *cough*Rosefen*cough* seem determined to have S3 turn out rather, well, Rebecca-esque, with Martha as the new bride. Shakespeare Code probably didn't help, what with it sort of feeding into this mentality.

Which means I am now picturing the Rosefen as an army of Mrs Danvers'. Jasper Fforde would be proud.

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