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Firstly: Having chatted with someone from Dracula's about bookings, I was informed that they prefer group ones to be in about a month in advance. Given the date I've set is four weeks from this Thursday, I really, really would appreciate it if everyone who would like to come could let me know ASAP, so I can give them the numbers next week. The info's all here, and your reply will be screened. Including the family, I've got 10 people so far, which means two more for group discount.

So, let me know please ASAP.

On the subject of parties, since I am going to ranorith's 21st this weekend, I shall miss out on this semester's Dark Zone. Alas. Should be fun though. If I can work out how to get there.

Uni-wise, exam timetables are now out. I have Dev Psych on the 5th of June, and Neuro on the 15th, and that's it. (My other subjects are essay only ones. Ah, Arts...)

Got another assignment back yesterday - that CCM one I did on V for Vendetta. I got another H2A for it, so I'm happy.

And today's Dev Psych lecture was about bullying. Which naturally depressed me. Intesive applications of Music and Fandom was required to cheer me up.

Spekaing of fandom, this month's Doctor Who Magazine arrived rather impressively early for once. Making up for the insane lateness of the last two, perhaps? Am still deciding if there's anything I should specifically quote on lifeonmartha.

Speaking of said comm, the preview pics of the next episode win at hot. Best looking Doctor-Companion team ever. Srsly.

And from other fandoms, Lols as the Harmonians do what they do best (ie. wank).

Oh, and Life on Mars proves it's come of age with Baby's First Wank
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