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And the desire for sleep is victorious!

Normally about now I'd have a Doctor Who episode review up. But, well, I was at ranorith's party last night, and though not hungover, I'm really quite tired, and thus planning an early night.

So later in the week, methinks.

(Speaking of said party, 'twas quite enjoyable. Even if I had to make my way out to Hallam for it)

But for the very short commentary on La Who, I shall just say it was entirely made of squee in my eyes, for both the episode itself, and the trailer for all the rest of the eps. Some great moments, some great lines, character stuff I loved, and absence of Rebecca moments, and a return to the insane UST and innuendo filled stuff of earlier in the series.

So I'm a happy type.

While I think of it, I'm considering the idea of having a Martha-related drabble tag at lifeonmartha next week, in the Absence Of An Episode. It'd get more people writing Martha, since I've seen a few people bemoaning the lack of fic, hopefully trigger some plot bunnies etcetera. What do people think of this idea?

And an idea I had:

So, how long until we get an icon with "Doctor" and "Plus One" captions, only with Martha having the Doctor caption, and the Doctor having the Plus One one?

Because that role reversal amuses me immensely.
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