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Oh, the lulz!

So, apparently The Sister is going to be in her college's production of Peter Pan.

As... the crocodile.

For some reason, this is the funniest thing I've heard all week.

The party is somewhat resembling organised: A booking has been made, anyhow. Including myself and Teh Family, there will be 17 people. Apparently.

There has been a slight lack of posting as of late. Um, oops? In recompense, I shall point people to everyone's favourite wank comms.

Gotta be something to entertain everyone, right?

Random Quote from earlier this week:

(At the Star Trek club AGM) "Is it racist to hate Klingons?"

ETA: Theoretically, I am invited to a party tomorrow night - jess_with_a_hat's, I do believe. But I can't find the details anywhere. Which is... making attending slightly troublesome. Hmmm.
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