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This isn't a GIP, I swear!

The future! She is forthcoming!

...That sounded less stupid when I thought it.

In any case: This Friday, I am due to see my sister play a crocodile in Peter Pan. Bless.

I also have, in today's mail, a bill for Dracula's - aka my 21st, which shall be paid off tomorrow, I think.

And a ticket to go see Phantom of the Opera in October. Well, they had more tickets on sale, and I couldn't not see it...

Also, I know this must be true, because I couldn't possibly hallucinate something that unlikely. (Hey, I'm a Cats fan. Pessimism tends to be my default reaction. It avoids disappointment.)

Also, a thing what is cheering: No matter how crazy the shippers in Doctor Who fandom get, they can never possibly be anywhere near as crazy as the Harmonians.

And since I have a headache, sleep in the not too distant future sounds like a nice idea.
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