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Return of the Bride of the Revenge of the Son of Randomness! From 20,000 Fathoms!!!!!!!

Many, many apologisies that this has been so long in coming. I just got really out of habit, whatwith a lack of net access, and then...I started Uni. Which says all you need to know, really.

But, to make up for it all, I intend to make this an absolutely epic post, which will be conveniently located behind a cut. Which is only fitting, considering I have to cover around 4 and a half months, which have also be extremely eventful.

Oh, and there is bonus Randomness included, just for your reading pleasure!

The Important Stuff

Firstly: I finished school. I may have already mentioned this, but it can't be emphasised enough.

The Valedictory Dinner: Seriously mental. And, for that, matter, alcoholic. (Giving Year 12s unlimited access to alcohol. What were they thinking?) Apart from the boring stuff, there was good music to dance to - though I advise anyone that three-inch stiletto heels are not the ideal footwear. Oh, and I got asked to dance by Nick! Squee! Pity I'll never see him again...

Results: Yes, the Infamous Results came in. I ended up with a 96.6 ENTER Score, which I found slightly staggering (though not at all unpleasant) And the individual subject scores are:
Chemistry - 42. 4th in my school. Yeah, baby! Yay for Wazza Harris!
Also, please note the significance of that number. *smirks*
English - 40. Not too shabby, eh.
Physics - 37
Indonesian - 32. Well, I was always doomed there.
Spec. Maths - 31. I gave up halfway through third term, what do you expect?

University: Well, I got accepted into my first choice, which was a Art/Science double degree.
(Note: that gives me 5 years of Uni ahead. Sigh)
And is it strange that when I see Art/Science, I automatically wonder just how that pairing works out?

Classes: And this semester's are:
Maths: because I have to. Though I am not going too bad - I got 33 out of 35 for my first assignment.
Modern Literature: Surprisingly interesting, but a lot of reading. And I now need to write an essay on Dubliners...
Psychology: Very fun. Though the lab reports are killers. A book on How to Write Lab Reports basically saved my life before Easter.
Introduction to Programming: Because I am insane.

On Campus:Have joined several clubs on campus, in the hopes of finding some like-minded random types. And I have! *Yayness*
So I have joined:
The Arts Students' Society - for the freebies.
FOUL - In theory a Monty Python fanclub, but mainly just lots of people doing silly things.
CHAS - A Douglas Adams fanclub. I assume (I am yet to turn up to any of their events)
FAS - The Fantasy and Sci-Fi club. Rocks majorly.

Thus, I have become an official 2nd-floorian. Or something of the like. I just lurk around the second floor, finding random people I vaguely know to do things with. Or witness the ever-present card games in the Lounge. Oh, and for the first time I have met some fandom-y type people in RL. Including Lauren of FAS, who is a ficcer who I managed to read several years ago. Which is slightly creepy. But it means FAS is filled with random fanfic conversations. And, of course, Slash.

Residences: Am now living in IH, one of the Residential Colleges in Melbourne. Not my first choice (cos evil St Mary's rejected me *shakes fist*) but lots of fun. If completely insane.

I tried out for this year's IH play, Othello, but did not get in *grrr*
However, for our Fundraiser Dinner, I will be part of Cellblock Tango (I'll be the first girl, Pop)
Oh, and I also joined the IT committee. Why, I don't know.

Also, my cousin Alistair married a woman named Mary-Jane (yes, really) two weeks ago. So congrats, and good for him.

The Random Stuff

Random Food: Cheesymite Rolls. Or Wiz-Fiz. Yummers. 'nuff said.

Random Memorial: The Snail I stepped on this morning.
RIP. You left us too young - shall be sorely missed.

Random Name: Pirron Yallock
Apparently a place name, and not (as I suspected) a minor Star Wars character.

Random Environmental Concern: Knife Conservation

Random Sayings: Taxi! (whilst in a busy room)
Matt Damon! (you have to be there to get it, but very funny)

Random Anticipated Things:
SW Episode Three: 45 days to go
*mystical gesture* You WILL see the trailer
Am dying of excitement already. (Note to self - stay away from websites, because people keep quoting the novelisation and SPOILING it for me)
Half Blood Prince: 103 days to go
Thud! (the next Pratchett): Vimes! Vetinari! Young Sam! Vampires! Politics! What's not to love?
Hitchhiker's Guide Movie: I know where my towel is.

Random Conversation: Overheard during a Psych lecture
"I think I'm going to sneeze."
"I love sneezes!"
"I love colds!"
"Yay! I lost my voice, I lost my voice!"

Random Dad Quote: "Me and Glad-Wrap do not get on well together."

Random Other Quotes: I came. I saw. I conga'd.
- Doors: don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em. They might be unlocked, see.
- Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no impact on society.
- Escape is impossible. Sanity is irrelevant. Cake is inevitable.
- If at first you don't succeed, complain until somebody does it for you, and when in doubt, raise the dead.

Random Book I have read: Yoda: Dark Rendevous
Best. Star Wars. Novel. Ever. And Scout rocks!

Random Joke: An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar. Together they go up to the bartender, who looks at them and exclaims, "What is this? Some sort of a joke?"

Random CD: The Dresden Dolls.
Listen to Girl Anachronism - my new favourite song.

Random Collections of Mine: Badges, Scarves and Freebie Postcards to put
on my walls

Random Imaginary Book: “Three nights a month without trousers”.
From Chapter 15 of the great fanfic Jedi Harris. I love and adore this fic, but it really needs to be updated soon.

Random Entertainment: Four-wheeled motor bikes. Wheee!

Random Word: Damnable

Random Things to Buy: - Triple J Volume 12, I. Must. Get.
- New Mars Volta, cos it seems interestingly weird

Random Random Thing: Late Night Televised Poker Games
Just like gambling, only not! Bizarrely addictive.

If you want any more info, just leave a comment, and I'll get back to you - I may actually have something to write about soon.

Oh, and extra glomps for whoever can work out exactly where todays title comes from. And it isn't just a Movie Mash-up.

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