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That education I am supposedly getting

A piece of advice.

Ankle length skirt, long scarf, lots of steps and rain? Possibly not the best combination.
This was a Health and Safety Warning courtesy of drakyndra

Heh. I randomly got a free size upgrade on my Butterscotch Latte today. *bows down to the great Gods of Caffeine*

Also, got my two Psych lab reports back. I got a H2A for both of them, which is quite pleasing.

That said, I find my sudden getting H2As in everything quite bewildering. It's not as if I'm doing any more work or anything than last year, so why are my marks all of a sudden better? Have I managed to get a complete collection of easy marking tutors, or am I just improving my bullshitting skills? Since they are an essential part of any Arts degree

Or am I getting pre-emptive Karma for some good deed I am due to do in the future?

Oh well.

Speaking of work, I have... a bit to be getting on with over the next few weeks. Alas. *winces at MPS research needed*

Teh List:

CCM: TV Clip Analysis Essay. (1500 words, 4+ refs) Due 4th June
MPS: New Media and Identity Essay. (2000 words, 12 - 25ish refs) Due 7th June
Behavioral Neuro: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Essay. (1500 words, <5 refs) Due 8th June

Dev Psych: 5th June
Behavioral Neuro: 15th June
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