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Peter Pan and SHOES!

So tonight I saw The Sister's College perform Peter Pan. It was... amusing. In a low budget sort of way. Though Captain Hook was quite good. And Tinkerbell was highly amusing

I think it possibly would have worked better if they had actually been less close to the original script. the turn of the century language sounded very artificial and stilted for most of them, and it only really worked with Hook and Peter at times. Tinkerbell was no lines, all body language, and thus fab, and the moments when the cast deviated from the original script the play was a lot more fun and funny.

...And I'm not sure why I'm giving my sister's amateur play this much analysis, but there we go.

That said, The Sister as crocodile was hilarious, but that was less acting skills, and more the fact that anyone in a crocodile outfit sliding around the stage on a skateboard on their belly is hilarious.

Also saw the parentals. Dad's hibbling around on crutches, but appears to be doing okay, and Mum's apparently starting back at work next week.

In other news, shopping!

The person on the OG who said the Ten'n'Martha books were in a Minotaur lied like a lying liar. Or they sold out really fast. But I prefer my version.

Also, it is mildly frightening to discover that the lady who works at Dizingof knows me on sight. (Dizingof = designer fashion boutique at QV) It's not like I've bought huge amounts there... Though I would if I had unlimited funding

That said, when I was in there today, I couldn't resist, and thus bought myself the Shoes of AwesomeTM.

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Look, aren't they completely and utterly made of awesome? *loves shoes*

And they gave me a free umbrella. And a $20 gift voucher. Bless.

ETA: Anyone in Doctor Who fandom who is up with certain spoilers for the rest of the series? You must read this fic.

I'll say no more, so not as to ruin it, just that it's set post- Family of Blood, and touches on finale stuff. And is OMGSOGOODREADIT!
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