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The amazing existance of a social life

So, I was at the CHAS barbecue today, and at the end of it, after we were hiding from the rain, I noticed that my umbrella (Not the freebie one, my folds-up-small one) had apparently started leaking - or something some flourescent green stuff.

So apparently the successor to Zagreus the Vampiric Umbrella is a radioactive mutant. Any suggestions for names?

And I don't even want to think of what the next one might be...

CCM was all about video games and iPods today - last classes for the semester, you see. Which reminded me that come a week, and Caspar (my iPod) shall be 3 year old. Got a lot of use, the poor thing. No wonder it looks so battered. Least it still works fine.

Also, note to self: get cracking on research for CCM essay (On online fandom as being an extension of older fandom types.)

And, disturbingly enough, the end of this week sees me having something of a social life. *shock horror*

Wednesday's that cocktail whatsit that CHAS is connected with, Thursday I'm seeing POT3 with frabjously and co, Friday's Bistromathics, and Saturday sees a repeat viewing of POTC3 (this time with laurenmitchell and... other co)

When did I actually start having a social life? *boggles slightly*
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