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Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, it's practically over anyway, but still, I felt I ought to post about it. Not that I did, you know, anything really today. Except laze around, internet-ify, get rather exasperated and emo with fandom, end up resigning myself to the fact that I seem to be quite fond of a ship that is unlikely to ever be more than subtext, but at least shows some measure of complexity and development over the series and thus is completely unlike Ten/Rose.

And a lengthy period of checking out the post-POTC3 fic on The Pit. Most of which was a bit rubbish, but at least it was novel rubbish. Three days isn't long enough for the inevitable cliches to have overstayed their welcome.

In any case, I get the odd feeling I won't feel like it's properly my birthday until the party.

Speaking of, just a reminder notice to everyone who has said they are coming: This Thursday, meet outside Dracula's. I know I originally said 7, but I'd like to change that to 6:45, so we have time to get in. 7 is the latest, okay? *pointed looks in certain directions*

I shall be sending reminder texts in the next few days. I may have to find out a few people's numbers for that, mind.

I'm sure there's some rule against not having a single drink on the day you turn 21, but my appetite has gone again, and I'm not entirely certain it'd be a good idea at this moment
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