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For all the chaps over on lifeonmartha who've gone and friended me, howdy!

Though I must add, if you are expecting staggering displays of intelligence and wit, now is probably not the best time. Middle of exam period, alas. One essay and exam have been done (Essay was rubbish, exam was two thirds quite good, and one third bullshitting that might pay off), and I have two more essays and an exam still due.

Which means I am slightly less posty when I come online, as it tends to be me trying to distract myself from the horrors of actually doing work.

Still come the 15th and it's all over and done with. And I have over of month of wonderful, glorious time off.

For all the people who've known me a bit longer: I said I was going to post about my 21st last week, didn't I? Whoops.

Anyhoo, 'twas fabulous fun. Everyone who said they were going to come actually did - I'd been having paranoid fears someone would forget the date or something and not show. Food was both good and plentiful, as were the cocktails. Bless. And the show was as fab as ever, though I had seen it before.

(Somewhat on that note, the next show, starting as of this week, is supposedly pirate themed. tinyteddyqueen and I have vague plans to possibly go see it after exams, anyone else want to join our as of yet not existant plans?)

Memorable bits include the comedian one who went through the audience complementing altheas on his performance in Brokeback Mountain, forsakendaemon attempting to see how many plastic spiders he could get in his hair, the mini BPAL party that was apparently going on, Callum getting majorly hit on by that costume lady, and the plots on how to divide up the waiter's wardrobe (and the waiter).

Thankies must go to these people for their prezzies:
Erm, whoever it was who gave me the mud with the infusion whatsit.
tinyteddyqueen for the sake and sake serving stuffs. So pretty.
lena_supercat for the book voucher.
saikogrrl for the chocolate. And alcohol. And alcoholic chocolate.
And it wasn't at the party, but fa11ing_away for the cookies and ickle Dalek.

Also I got my presents from Teh Family.

The Sister, classy individual that she is, was apparently going to get me a gift voucher, but it was raining. So instead I got a block of chocolate and money.
Dad got me a new computer, which should be ready later this week.
And Mum got me a return airfare to anywhere.

So, now all I need to do is work out where I want to go...
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