Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Burn, baby, burn!

Okay. Dinner today was just... wrong. First there was soup that had been burnt. Burnt soup. Yes, that's right, burnt soup. That's just...bizarre. Then (after a so-so main) for dessert we had what was (supposedly) Sago and Fruit. The fact I use the phrase "supposedly" says all you need to know. It was that wrong.

Oh, and Rossi the IH cats was lurking around the Dining Hall. *loffs Rossi* Yes, I am cat deprived - I miss my babies back home.

Anyhoo, as for other stuff:

Spent time with 2nd-floorian peoples, so shall have to join up that LJ community - I have friended some too. Got on a long side track with Darren and Hespa (sp?) to go buy material for a cloak.

I want a cloak! *pouts*

Some 2nd floor quotes:

Tristan: "You'll never guess what I found in my pants!"

Tristan: "He's Paul...I mean, Peter.
(to Peter) I keep thinking you're a Paul. You have the hair of a Paul."

And after the Soup of Doom, From a random to someone on table duty:
"I have insurance, right."

Oh, and just because I was talking about it today: The Meme

1. Queue up your mp3 player on shuffle.
2. List the first twenty songs that come up, adding "in my pants" to the end of each.
3. Post in your journal.

And I got *drumroll*:
1. Burnout In My Pants - Green Day (Sounds... painful)
2. Just Because In My Pants - Jane's Addiction
3. Whoever You Are In My Pants - Geggy Tah (*dies laughing*)
4. Learn To Fly In My Pants - Foo Fighters
5. Burn In My Pants - Alex Lloyd
6. Prosthetic Head In My Pants - Green Day (So very, very wrong...)
7. Ballad Of The Skeletons In My Pants - Allen Ginsberg (*mind boggles*)
8. 15 Feet Of Pure White Snow In My Pants - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
9. I Ran In My Pants - Jebediah (This just makes me giggle)
10. Wake Me Up When September Ends In My Pants - Green Day
11. Lock And Load In My Pants - The Mess Hall
12. Sleep In My Pants - Alex Lloyd (Sort of sweet, really)
13. Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag In My Pants - Chicago Soundtrack (*winces at name*)
14. She's Your Blood Type In My Pants - Motor Ace
15. I'll Be Yours In My Pants - Placebo
16. No One Else In My Pants - Weezer (How lonely. </sarcasm>)
17. Aftertaste In My Pants - Ben Lee
18. Get Free In My Pants - The Vines
19. Rhythm Of The Night In My Pants - Valeria
20. Inward Singing In My Pants - Tenacious D (WTF?)

Oh, and I tried in one more time to see what I got, and it wasn't quite as entertaining, except for one song: Place Your Hands In My Pants - Reef

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