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I have that damned song stuck in my head now...

Brief, non-spoilery thoughts on The Sound of Drums: Like Human Nature, I am finding it really hard to judge this episode as a stand alone, and thus feel the need to see the second part. Like NOW.

However, unlike Human Nature, where what would happen in the second episode was pretty much entirely predictable, even if you hadn't read the book, this time I have no fucking clue what is going to happen next. And going by the fact they supposedly aren't sending previews out, neither do any of the normal spoiler sources.

Oh well.

On the few thoughts I had on the episode itself: Unlike Utopia, which left me on a great big buzz, I am less buzzy after seeing TSOD. This might be because whilst Utopia was (IMO) a good episode, with a made of awesome last ten minutes, the entirety of Sound of Drums was spent swinging between the sublime and the ridiculous. Utopia ended with it's best bit, whilst SoD ended with more questions than answers. Less satisfying is probably the way to put it, even though quite a lot of the episode was utter gold.

Maybe I just need to rewatch.


Another thought:

I have a theory on why a "family" show can be so much more filthy than the so-called adult shows. It's because adult shows get in trouble for having filth in - or at least get criticised. Whereas everyone assumes the filth in family shows is accidental. I SEE WUT U DID THAR, RUSTY!
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