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*brain stuck in macro mode, dammit*

I has a paid account.

As a result of this, I has 30 free icon spaces.

(All ready for tomorrow's Who, I suppose. And possibly forthcoming fannish events like a certain seventh book Wanksplosion)

Other things what I has (or had last night):

- Two rather fun folk-punk bands listened to.
- Several drinks. (Well, almost 4)
- One goth club visited.
- Three drunk guys hitting on me (and fa11ing_away)
- Zero guys who had a chance hitting on me
- No sleep.
- No food in my cupboards.

And back onto fandom again, but, well, the fact the Doctor Who finale is tomorrow really has people on edge, doesn't it?
Tags: fandom: doctor who, keyword-206, teh eljay

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