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You know, given the complete and unrepentant fury I've seen from my flist for Last of the Time Lords, I actually enjoyed it rather more than I was expecting to. I mean there was only one bit where I was facepalming at the stupidity, and one where I was facepalming at the rip-off"homage". Oh, and my one NOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! moment.

It seemed to work better in action than it sounds in description - that said, that's about par for course for a lot of Doctor Who.

And it was better than Doomsday

Is it just my optimistic tendancies? Or was the anger leading me to expect something rather worse than I saw?

Onto more spoilery type stuff...

To clarify my opening statements:
Facepalm at stupidity = not the "We believe in the Doctor" stuff, but the floaty glowy Doctor consequences.
Rip-off = Pyre scene. Though I liked in in RotJ, and they get away with it here by heavy hints this isn't the last of the Master.
NOOOOOO = Obviously, Martha going. Not so much the manner she left (though I'd like to have heard the Doctor say something about how fab she was first) because it's almost exactly how I would have wanted her to leave in another series or so's time, but the fact fandom will have to live with gloaty batshipper types. Also, really weird after earlier in the episode the Doctor and Martha were all clingy and shippy looking.

That said: I can live with it, so long as S4 has frequent occurances of the Doctor jumping like Martha's bitch every time that phone rings. Because it's true, dammit!

Since it's pretty much confirmed from commentaries and all she'll be back for some, is Martha the new Tegan?

I will admit that though I do really like Jack, the revelation that he is the Face of Boe had me dying of laughter. Less because of the revelation, more because of the wank I have already seen coming from it. Oh fandom, you crack my shit up.

I has meta type thoughts, which will be posted at some later time, on why Martha is like Mickey (and not just because I love them both) Re: getting treated badly by the Doctor in favour of Mary SueRose, but treated by the show in a way that gives them rather more agency and respect than said individual.

...I've got a character type, haven't I? The underdog thing. Martha and Mickey are the new Ron. Canonically quite talented, but also canonically overlooked in favour of others. And the depressing thing is, I know exactly why I do this, in terms of my own personality.

Dammit, I hate it when fiction makes me introspective.

Random stuff I liked:
- They flipped the cliche of "collect these pieces to build a weapon of awesome" to the point of Martha laughing at the unrealisticness of it.
- So called the Lucy betrayal.
- The Doctor/Master slash? Dying in his arms? The Doctor thinking of settling down with the Master?
- Though I want more Simm!Master, I loved the fact his death was entirely out of spite to the Doctor.
- In the year that didn't happen, Martha became this grand mythical figure. Neato.

There will be more later. I'm still working out what to think.
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