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I didn't fail any subjects!

So, Uni results were out today.

I ended up with teh following results:
Developmental Psych: H2A
Media, Politics and Society: H2A
Behaviour Neuro: Pass

Oh, and I got back my final paper from CCM - That one I wrote on fandom. Got a H1 for it, too, which I was terribly pleased by. If nothing else, it's a bit of evidence for the write what you like/know thing.

Otherwise, I find it telling that the two subjects I did less good on were ones that had one assignment that I was incredibly lazy on working on. (CCM: That blog. I kept mentally coming up with entries, and forgetting to actually post them. Neuro: The second, non-compulsory assignment, which was due the same day as MPS, and just after my Dev Psych exam. So it got put on lowest priority)

Also: Yet more evidence that I suck at the medical type stuff. Honestly, can't I just stick with the personality/social aspects of psychology. They interest me more.

Apart from that, today I bought boots. Two pairs, both with pointy toes and wonderfully evil heels. One pair is red, and the other is black with blue (and bling).

I do love winter sales.

ETA: Also, finally went and reserved a copy of Harry Potter. Which is only two weeks away now. That's scary.
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