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Doing stuff is good for the soul (and toes)

Am currently coming up with reasons to get out of the house each day at the moment. Mainly because if I don't come up with something, I end up sitting around and not doing much. And then my toes turn purple, which can't be good.

Anyway, today's reason was to head to the library to find some new stuff to read. Oh, and to try out some of my new boots at practical usage.

Ended up borrowing Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill. No idea if it's any good, but it's about someone buying a ghost on the Internet, and I keep seeing copies of it in shops, and thought I'd give it a try. Also, I like that Nirvana song. Google informs me that Joe Hill is actually the son of Steven King - he started out using "Hill" in order to be judged on his own merits, and was outed last year, after having kept it secret since 1997.

So, I shall have to see how I like his book.

Also borrowed the first five trade paperbacks of Y: The Last Man. I'm not a big comics person, but for some reason I really like this one. As in, if the were cheaper, I might be inclined to by the trades.

Rowdy also has the next three in, so after I finish this lot of borrowings, I'll nab them. And maybe some Hellblazer. And any books - anyone got some recommendations? I wanted to get the third Song of Ice and Fire book, but they didn't seem to have it in - as far as I could tell, anyway.

Note to the Rowden White Library: The Dewey system is designed to make books easier to locate/classify. Not having the shelves in order sort of defies the purpose.

Boot testing also went well - have concluded that these are suitable for Uni (long periods of sitting, interspersed with rushing all over the place) and dinners and whatnot. Not shopping, too much walking.

Also, the heels are quite good for scaring people with. I had several people ask how I could walk on them when I was hanging round the C and S office.

Tomorrow's out of the house reasoning: Taking advantage of cheap-arse Tuesday, and seeing a movie. Must check what's on.
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