August 7th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

To shop, or not to shop...

Well, as it is a Saturday, and I am She-Who-Has-No-Social-Life, I went into town on my own today. It was rather interesting. I decided to go to the movies, and was torn between seeing I, Robot and Farenheit 9/11. But as much as I like seeing Bush-bashing (BTW, does anyone else think that sounds really dirty?) I felt like something a little more brainless. So I, Robot it was. It wasn't bad, and the special effects were great, but it didn't actually take sci-fi to a new level.

I was also very annoyed that Something Rotten still isn't out in Australia, so I ended up just buying other random things, like the Dallas Crane album (which I am now listening too) and putting a buch of DVDs on laybuy - namely The Princess Bride and Futurama Season 3.

It all ended well, but my stunningly complex budgetary calculations now inform me that I cannot buy anything else, except for essentials, this term. Fortunately, I am including Jasper Fforde books under essentials (must now go and wait for September 1st)