August 15th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

Done and Done.

Oh, the relief! I have firstly managed to get the draft of Passion done - including the dratted sex scene. I am actually sort of happy with it, as it seems to be working fairly well. So the work has now been handed over to maegunnbatt my dear, sweet beta. And I can rest.

Secondly: I managed to actually get some of my bloody Indonesian work done! Now I am only one week behind instead of four, which is a bit of a relief.

Intrigue (or as he is now known aeque) welcome to the wonder that is the LJ world. Have fun, dear!

Gak! All I can hear about at the moment is the Olympics. Why won't these people get the message: I don't care! Well, I care if Australia wins things and all, but I don't want to her about boxing or daft things like that...
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