August 20th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

Damn you to hell!!

Have decided that I want to go and see Hellboy sometime soon. From the previews and ads and all, it looks absolutely amazing, and it sounds pretty good from all the reviews also. And, I do have a thing for all those comic-book movies. (Yes, I am a uber-geek. So sue me.) parents are coming down for the Boarder's weekend thing. Perhaps I could talk them into taking me to the movies. I'm sure my sister would like to come see it as well.

On the topic of Ultimate Evil, I had another Chem test today. Another one! And I have one next week also! Mr Harris is the spawn of Satan,I swear. Luckily this one wasn't very hard - Food Chemistry, so lots of stuff on emulsifiers and amino acids, and why lemon juice stops fruit from going brown. (the Vitamin C in it is an antioxidant) Thrilling, I assure you.

Also, have discovered why my Physics teacher doesn't teach English. We were discussing gravity and swinging buckets around, and she used the word "swung." Dear, dear...
Physics was quite good today - we had a "Choc-Phys" (it all started with "Choc-Lit," when the literature class let people bring in chocolate once a week to eat. Now it is spreading...)

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