September 9th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

Some Assembly Required

Ack! Had our good old weekly assembly just before lunch, and Ye Gods it was boring. This was a colours assembly, which meant we spent most of the time listening to all the people on the winter sports teams getting awards and junk. I just tuned all that stuff out, so have absolutely no idea who got what exactly, not that I particularly care. Geoff, School Captain and King of Bad Puns was in fine form with the punning today (truly groan-worthy), and we had a slightly amusing moment at the start of the prayer, when the leader said, "In this time of terrorism, war, horror and elections..."

Because elections are just as bad as all the others. :)

Oh and the creepiest thing happened when I was heading to the assembly. I was walking along, minding my own business, when our slightly scary Principal walked. And as she passes, she quite calmly says hello to me, using my given name. I mean, I have only spoken to her about three times! There are over 500 students in the school, and about 150 in my year! And she still knew who I was. And she is a rather creepy woman, so it was quite...unnerving.

In other news, my second folio piece is due in tomorrow. I've gone and finished it now, and there are a few people who might wnat to have a look what I have written, so I will post it up here. I'l put it in a seperate post, though, because I don't think everyone will want to check out junk about assemblies and my school.

And one week of term left (approximately). Yay!
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Utena: With Sword

The Essay

Right. This is the essay which I submitted for my second English folio piece this year. The mark on this goes to my final score, so hopefully it will be good. *fingers crossed*

As usual, I have gone way over my word limit, but my English teacher is rather used to that now, and she said that as long as the piece is interesting (and she said it was) then I won't lose any marks.

And about the essay itself: this was designed for those people who have no knowledge of fanfiction, whatsoever. Thus, I have simplified a lot of things in a rather dramatic manner,and left a heap out. You might not agree with some of what I have to say, but this is supposed to be my writing, so deal. I also happen to go to a rather posh, very traditional school, so I avoided any mention of slash. Although my school isn't bad about homosexuality (our major Issues assignment was on whether gay marriage should be allowed), I still didn't think it would get a favourable response.

Oh, and I also included a few links in the hopes I could draw in the markers. And there is a Cassie Claire quote to start with, just because I thought it was a good example of fanfic, and would grab some attention.

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