September 13th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

Let's get Busy!

Ack! Last week of term, and Ye Gods I have a lot going on. Firstly, today we had a practice exam for English. Great fun. 3 hours and 4 essays worth of writing. And I got halfway through my third essay when I realised I was talking rubbish. And I don't tven want to think about the fourth one - I have no idea what the hell I was writing there.

Tomorrow we have our house athletics. Go Morrison! *waves Morrison house flag* I originally wasn't in any events - I was in Melbourne the day my house did the signing - but Emma has gone and screwed up her knee, so I have all her events, which are the relay, the 200m, the 400 and the 800. I shall be trying desperately to get out of the 800, but I will be happy doing the others.

On Wednesday I have another Indonesian test, this one reading, and on Friday, the LAST day of term, and in the LAST period of the day, I have a Physics test. My Physics teacher is officially evil. I think she may be the reincarnation of Satan. Grrr.

Also, only 3 weeks to my Indo Oral exam! And only 7 til the others start! Scary.

And we just had the boarders music. So we all dressed up like idiots and sang stupid songs. (My group sang the Captain Planet theme)

And some interesting memes:

You Are Big Black Boots!

You can be best described as: attitude

You've got lots of it - and you love to give it

A guy has to be pretty gusty to hit on you

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Oh, so me. I shall go and put my big black boots on right away.

Your Lip Gloss Flavor Is: Cotton Candy

You're a total girly girl who's every guy is sweet on.

You take pleasure in the simple things in life, from cute t-shirts to stuffed animals.

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