October 7th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

More Schoolishness

I am feeling the pain that is going back to school yet again. All the teachers will talk about is bloody exams, and bloody revision, and I am bloody sick of it! And it has only been one week... Can't the give a little time without trying to scare the living daylights out of us? I have 5 assignments over the next two weeks, 1 of which is a chemistry test tomorrow, and I almost feel like screaming at all the work I am getting.

Well, on a slightly less rantish note, I got back my Physics test from the end of last term. I got 21 out of 23, so am quite happy about that. I have also got back my two (Chemistry and Physics) practice exams. I did okay on the chemistry one - I can't recall the exact mark, but I think it was a bit over the average. I did well on the short answer questions, apparently. For the Physics, I got 66 out of 90, whih sounds fairly bad, but apart from the section on "Structures and Materials", I did really well. That was the section I forgot we had done...

And am still waiting for my writing folio pieces back, dammit!

Oh, in our assembly today, we showed the girls boarding house video, made by a German exchange student earlier this year. It was quite funny actually. It started with, of all things, a starry background, yellow scrolling text, and the Star Wars theme! Naturally I found this highly amusing. Then it just showed everyone in the boarding house and some of the stuff they did (naturally, I was shown on the computer), as well as some funny stuff.

And we have a casual clothes day tomorrow. Oh joy, everyone snarking about others outfits.
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