October 24th, 2004

Utena: With Sword

Burning Down the House

Note to self - Never again complain about being bored. Naturally, as soon as I do, stuff tends to happen. It's like one of those weird laws of reality...

Anyhoo, just before lunch today, I was sitting there in my room, when the fire alarm went off. It was naturally a false alarm (the second for the year) But it was still weird. We had to evacuate the girls boarding house, and meet out on the grass, whilst 3 fire trucks pulled up, to check out the scene. And I have the deepest sympathies for poor Emma, who had the bad luck to be in the shower when the alarm went off, and had to go to the evacuation point whilst wearing only a towel.

On the subject of fires, I have heard that the Target store in Hamilton has apparently burnt down. WTF?
Target has been there forever. It's just weird to think of it gone. It's like when Just Jeans caught fire earlier this year.

Hamilton really seems to become a rather firey place as of late, huh?