April 4th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Return of the Bride of the Revenge of the Son of Randomness! From 20,000 Fathoms!!!!!!!

Many, many apologisies that this has been so long in coming. I just got really out of habit, whatwith a lack of net access, and then...I started Uni. Which says all you need to know, really.

But, to make up for it all, I intend to make this an absolutely epic post, which will be conveniently located behind a cut. Which is only fitting, considering I have to cover around 4 and a half months, which have also be extremely eventful.

Oh, and there is bonus Randomness included, just for your reading pleasure!

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If you want any more info, just leave a comment, and I'll get back to you - I may actually have something to write about soon.

Oh, and extra glomps for whoever can work out exactly where todays title comes from. And it isn't just a Movie Mash-up.
Utena: With Sword

And a not so epic post...

And I am prooving that I can actually keep up frequent updates. Not that there is a huge amount to update on.

Oh, and no-one responded to my wonderful epic post yesterday. I find that quite depressing, really.

Anyhoo, news:

I finally have my own printer. Yayness! I can actually print out some of those damned uni notes I have on my computer.

Also, got another assignmenet for Maths. It doesn't look so bad, but still...

Today's random conversation (from dinner tonight)
Sugata: "Pick a number from one to eight."
Leah: "Nine...oh, shit."
Sugata: "How did you get into Uni?"