April 20th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Grr, Evil Computers!

Well that just sucks mightily. I went and had this whole great post about what's happening in my life, and because of some bloody stupid systems error, the entire freaking thing got EATEN by the damn computer. And now I can't remeber all that I wrote...*shakes fist at system*

Most of it related to yesterday...the day before, now that I come to look at the time...

Firstly - Finished the damnable Lit Essay. Is writen, printed, handed in and received by tutor. Much relief. And only one more essay to go for Lit this semester...

Secondly - Maths test was on Monday morning. Of the seven questions, I managed to answer the first five in their entirety, but I couldn't do the last two, because I...er, forgot how. *feels stupid* At least that means the end of mid-year type things, and no more assignmenet work for a little while at least.

Thirdly - Due to the allnighter I pulled to get all the Lit et al done on time, there was extreme tiredness on Monday. In response to that, immediately after my last lecture, I headed right back to IH and SLEPT. And it wasn't just ordinary sleep - it was EPIC. As in from about 5pm to 9.30 the next morning. And with only a short break at about midnight for a shower. *Is feeling refreshed*

Fourth..oh, you get the picture.
- Got some rather interesting mail. After quite a while, the money from my Grandfather's will haas come through. So now in possession of a large check I must remember to deposit sometime in the not too distant future.

- And on the subject of money, Quick Brown Fox in the city is on the lookout for a sales assisstant. So I shall have to remember to also print out a resume and cover letter for them before I head into the city again (either this Thursday or weekend)

- My Lit lesture today got cancelled. Apparently, the lecture theatre was double booked, and the other group had a test or something and outranked us Lit people. So no lecture. And we were doing Kafka, which I actually like. (But not as much as Eliot, being the poetry fiend that I am.)

- Spent most of my lunchtime, as well as the free Lit time, playing Munchkin with Second Floor types. It was much fun. *loffs Munchkin* Also, whilst in the second floor region, I went and leant my copy of Something Rotten to laurenmitchell, in exchange for one of her X-Files DVDs. Good Gods, it has been a long time since I watched anything X-Files. I actually kinda miss it.

- Next Monday is ANZAC day. Yay, no classes!

And Random Quote of the Day:
"The arse is for sodomising!"
Utena: With Sword

Of General Stupidity Throughout Uni

Isn't funny that if you look hard enough, you can find the most incredibly stupid things absolutely everywhere?

A case in point: Whilst lurking around Second Floor today, a guy I shall refer to as Joseph was reading his lecture notes for Environmental Politics. And he decided to share some of it, because it was just so amazingly stupid. And this stuff wasn't some student work, oh no, it was a freaking journal article. And, well, I'll just have to share some of it.

From Joseph's Environmental Politics Lecture Notes, in an article by Diana Day
Diana Day? That is just...wrong. You can't possibly make me believe that is her real name, either.
1. "Water is not included as the number one consideration. It is often sidelined as an add on. As in reliable cake mix."
What. The. Fuck. Not only is that quite possibly the worst metaphor I have come across ever, but it just does not make any sense, either grammatically or logically.
2. "The Policies often have remarkable lumpy and static characteristics like weed rafts in the Sargasso Sea."
Policies = Weed Rafts? Personally, I tend towards bullshit, but I can make an exception. Doesn't stop it from being absolutely horrific writing though.
3."Water politics as a vital research and inquiry base must be as attractive as a smelly fish at a dinner party."
Queen of Bad Analogies, I salute you.
4. "While 'sustainability' is becoming more persuasive and pervasive, who says it isn't just a little bit fraudulent. In the realm of mind control or poor little bilbies or feeling good while feeling profits."
So the first sentence isn't too bad. I dislike the persuasive/pervasive thing, and the "little bit fraudulent" reminds me of that TAC ad (little bit dead), but the second sentence. WHAT THE FREAKING HELL! What the fuck do bilbies, mind control or feeling good have to do with sustainability? And it doesn't make even the slightist bit of sense! I swear, I am going to print this line up and put it on my wall, just to remind myself I am not such a bad writer after all.

And on a slightly less absurd note:

- We had the auditions for Cafe International places over the weekend. Of the twenty-odd trying out, only eight will be shown on the night. And Cell Block Tango is one of them now! w00t!
So very yay for us, with our only three-quarters finished dance, and my solo section which I completely made up at the audition!
The Pro's of this: We totally rock! And I get to be on stage again! Yayness!
Cons: More practices which I will actually have to go to now.*groan*

- The Hat has been getting lots of good publicity at the moment - I even have random strangers in my Programming lecture complimenting me on it. Oh, my sweet hat. *Joins Wild Hat Love*

- Oh, and got my Psych report back. I got a H3 for it, which in bizarre Melbourne Uni speak means 65 - 69% - an average mark. When I first saw this, the little arrogant part of me was extremely insulted by this - I mean, I'm me, I don't do average marks. But then the more reasonable part pointed out that: a) Unlike school, I am not the only high-achieving type, and that pretty much everyone in the course must have done roughly as well as me; b) It's the first assessment of the first semester of the first year, of course I am not going to ace it; c) It doesn't particualrly matter in the long term; and d) I was way too lazy when I did the thing, so I probably deserved that mark.

- And we have another lab report, which shall be due in next Wednesday. Damn. At leaast I have the long weekend to do a bit of work on it.

- Got some new badges today (yay stalls in North Court!): The best one has this on it: "Coffee isn't helping. Get the jumper cables."

- Yet another Odd Soup today. It was some weird bright yellow soup, which quickly became referred to as Crayon Soup or Sponge-Bob Soup. Says all you need to know about it, really.

- Quote from dinner:
Tas: When my nipples are warm, I am warm. That's why I wear nipple socks!

- Random thing of the day: On the back of one of the toilet doors in Union House, there was a written debate about whether having seperate male and female toilets was oppressive or not. Riiight.

- Other Random thing of the day: "Cooking with the Undead"
Courtesy of Joseph. Make of it what you will.