April 26th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Whoa, Dude, Random!

Weird. For some completely unknown reason, I seem to be saying "Dude" quite frequently at the moment. And I haven't a freaking clue why, or where on earth it came from. 'Tis quite strange.

Also, on randomness:
I got my first text message from sister in absolutely ages the other day. And it said, in it's entirety (and spelled exactly like this):

Hey there, big sis do u know about "the hitchhikers guide 2 the galaxy" movie? I spose u will c it as soon as it cums out. Morbo is hotness

Which brings randomness to a new level. I mean, she contacts me about a movie I've known about for ages (note: my sister knows absolutely nothing about H2G2, despite my best efforts all through the summer holidays). And that's it. At least she knows my interests...
And the "Morbo is hotness" thing - courtesy of some extremely random Futurama conversations that we have had. Though I am still quite disturbed by it...

Oh, and one sign of just how far gone I really am these days:
So, I finish question 2 on my programming assignment (note to self: do more work on said assignmnet), and it is actually working properly.
My reaction: w00t. I actually say w00t out loud. How very, very wrong...
And what is even more disturbing is when I tell the lab supervisor I got the question right, his response is also to say w00t.

Be afraid, be very afraid...

Random Quote:
becker_: Wow! 5 AM has a smell now?

Random Dinner Conversation:
(2 girls are talking about sewing - one says she'll show the other her sewing machine)
First Guy: "Hey, dodgy pick-up lines: Can I see your sewing machine?"
Second Guy: "No, for a guy it would be like, want to see my needle?"

Which lead to me having odd thoughts about modern-day seamstresses.

Now must go and do Psych lab report...