June 16th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Hasta La Vista, Baby(ies) AKA The Big Ginormous Links Post of DOOM.

Well, once again I must vanish into the ether, as I am heading back home, or as it is also known, The Land With Very Little Internet Access. So be prepared for my posts over the next month to be few and far between, and not particularly interesting.

By the time my posts are frequent again, 1. It will be the end of July, and 2. HBP will have been released. So there will probably be a slight fandom obsession shift. Oh, my fandoms, how I love you so!


I shall miss you, LJ, I really shall!

In order to supply you lot with something interesting to do without updates for me, I decided to dump all my fun links into the one post.

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