July 29th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Shock! Horror! *Gasp*

I don't believe it! I wandered down to the city again, not actually intending to buy anything, and I am just browsing in one of the many bookstores when I discover that The Big Over Easy is out. Yes, the next Jasper Fforde book has been released in Australia.

And I didn't know!

Well, naturally I went and rectified that fact immediately, so I know in possession of a nice new copy. I haven't read much yet, just the first two chapters, but damn they are good so far. It's that very Jasper style I utterly adore, incredibly clever, complete with the traditional pun names, witty lines, and rampant slaughtering of cliches...

I mean, take the first two lines for an example:

It was the week following Easter in reading, and no one could remember the last sunny day. Grey clouds swept across the sky borne on a chill wind that cut like a knife.

Also, in the very first chapter, there's a great little parody of Da Vinci Code, complete with Anagrams, myserious clues left by a dying man, and which could only be solved by one person. The fact the clues are related to custard, sock suspenders and pies just makes it even better in my eyes.

Ah, Jasper Fforde, I do love you so.

In lieu of my new book, I shall have to put off that photo post for a bit longer. Oh well!

And, a vaguely spoilerish meme, so I shall cut it for the extremely paranoid. I won't do this much longer, though, considering it's been about two weeks, and most people I know have finished.

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