August 6th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

The word of today (or yesterday) is Soylent.

*coughs embarrassedly* Well, I was going to post most of this yesterday, but I sort of...fell asleep. Well, I needed sleep and all!

So anyhoo...
The theme for Ye Olde FAS meeting was Soylent Green. So we went and watched the movie (well, it was playing in the room. Not so sure about actually watching it), and had lots of thematic food - suitably (Soylent) green drinks,Soylent chips, Soylent chocolate, and my personal favourite, Soylent doughnuts.

Everything sounds better with the word "Soylent" in front of it.

Also, I fell into a converstion with a few people about HBP, which quite naturally evolved into talking about fanfiction, shipping, slash, gender stereotypes and the assorted other fandoms people like. Much fun, I must say.

I love having real-life fandomy peoples around!

Meh. I was going to watch the episodes of Firefly on that DVD I got, but they didn't work. I was most annoyed. But, now I've gone and talked to altheas about it, so it should be fixed tomorrow. And I shall have Firefly!

Also, The Sister will be pleased, as I have spread her stereotype out into the world, and converted another to it.

The Mexicans stole my shoes!

Hehe. If anyone wants some supreme fandom_wank enjoyment, you have to check out this link right here. Apparently, some of the batshit fangirls I was ranting at a while ago have decided that HBP wasn't good enough for them. So, they decided to write a Harry/Hermione version of it.

Now normally, this would be fine by me - I'm all for fanfiction. But the fact it hs been only three weeks shows just how little thought went into the version here. Basically, it is half a direct copy of HBP (*cough**plaigarism**cough*), and half changed from H/G to H/Hr. And the changed version is so bad, it's actually very funny. The fic itself has been taken down, but exerts can be found in the thread comments (especially page 2).

Oh, and I've asked someone to email me a copy. Because this is just...brilliantly bad. It's like Atlanta Nights, except funnier because it is actually meant seriously.

Also, I think I shall go put up my next Links List tomorrow. So any last minute links you think I should add can be added around here.

And just for fun...
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