August 8th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

The Links List Strikes Back!

Aha! Yes, it is time for yet another of my Links Lists, though at a rather swifter pace than I started with. Well, the advantages of having one week to use up Internet quota, I suppose…

Oh, yes. This time, the links shall be sorted by fandom (or lack thereof).


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At last count, that was almost 70 (not including LJ usernames.) That is a very frightening fact.
Utena: With Sword

Quotes! Precious Quotes!

So Uni is back, and I am in a good mood. Though, please note that these two things are not, in any way, actually related to one another.

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And onto Uni news:

You want to know what a really good feeling is? Just when you think you are out of money, and have to head over to the ATM to get more, and you suddenly discover a $20 note hidden down the back of your wallet. Very pleasant!

And an even better feeling: when you find you don't actually need to spend said $20 at all, because some group is serving free dinners in North Court. And they were quite good, too - Barley soup, curry and an apple crumble.

I have discovered that my Psych tutor might be good with the actual people part of Psychology, but he can't teach statistics for shit.

Also, I had FOUL today. Which was, as ever, quite entertaining. And also highly quotable. So I do now have some great quotes for the list.

Random Quotes:

forsakendaemon: "He was a really nice guy, he just happened to worship Satan."

altheas: (To me) "Congratulations, you've just proved that ice cream doesn't exist.
Which begs the question of what I had for desert last night..."

Steven: "I'm German, so I can do wonders with potatoes."

becker_: "It's something to do with Kelvins."
Goldy: "Ah, no! Physics flashback!"

And the prize for best accidental euphemism goes to becker_, for this classic one:
"Genetics Stick."

And I had forgotten, but there actually was a vaguely amusing quote from yesterday's GM:
"I'm Andrew, I'm Vice President. Like most Vice Presidents, I'm waiting for the President to die."