August 24th, 2005

Utena: With Sword


Today has been...interesting.
Also, highly entertaining.

Though classes were as...classlike as always, and the club for Wednesday (Star Trek club) was holding a "Celebration for VSU" day - namely, no food, no room, no president, no treasurer and no funding - it got very amusing later on.

This due to the fact that along with becker_, fa11ing_away and tinyteddyqueen, I went to go see Kung Fu Hustle at the cinema.

Now, us four really aren't a good combination. Most people are aware of my minds tendency to go wrong places, the giggly silliness that tends to occur when I am around tinyteddyqueen and fa11ing_away for too long, and the fact that becker_ is...himself. So spending several hours together just leads to sheer oddness and brain breakage.

And lots of hystrical laughter.

We didn't need that much help, though. Kung Fu Hustle is freaking brilliant. To quote tinyteddyqueen, it was "So terrically bad that it was just terrific." It was so insane and over the top that it works. I mean, how can you not love a movie with dancing gangsters, some really unsubtle movie references and/or parodies, the Ghetto where everyone is a miraculous Kung Fu fighter, and lines such as "Hey, put your pants back on!"

It was so funny I was in hysterics. I laughed so hard I cried. I <3 this movie so much - great, great stuff.

Can't wait until it's out on DVD, cos that will be so much fun...

Also, I should no longer say words. This was proved by Goldie's adventures in Photoshop.

And I have a new favourite LJ commnity: the_hms_stfu
It is the place to go to mock the stupidity of nutcase shippers, who really ought to SHUT THE FUCK UP! *cough**Harmonians**cough*

Random Drink: Mint flavoured mochas. Yummers.

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Random Psych Quotes:

A description of politicians that are more likely to win elections.
"Large forehead, solid chin - your typical Neanderthal."

"Idiocy tends not to go away in the short term."

"Did I confuse anyone besides myself?"

One example of perception biases.
"When the Australian cricket team does well, it's due to skill.
When the English cricket team does well, it's due to luck."

Random Quotes:

A Random in the middle of my Programming tute: "I have a friend who sharpens pencils with scissors!"

tinyteddyqueen: "I should probably do that with a rubbish bin and a tram."
fa11ing_away: "What, a threesome?"