August 28th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

My Sister is a Communist!

...And she's considering becoming a Fascist.

My, what interesting conversations we had last night. And before you ask, yes, The Sister actually said that. Of course, being The Sister, one has to take it with a grain of salt, but anyways...

In case you are wondering: The Sister and Mum were down in Melbourne, mostly for the Latrobe Open Day today, but they also came and saw me for a bit. As I mentioned in my last entry, we went to see a show - Dirty Dancing. Which was quite fun, actually.

The dancing was good for the most part - better than the movie, definitely - and as always with dancey things, I had to restrain myself from dancing also. Hey, it's not my fault I like dancing! Oh, and the guy playing Johnny: Oh, my! *fans self*

Of course, said show, just as with the movie, finishes up with "I've Had the Time of My Life," which some of you may recall as being my Year 12 song, sung at our final assembly. And, as such, it always makes me cry. This time was no exception.

Anyway, after the show I went showed Mum and The Sister up to to Casa Del, where we had some nice middle of the night Gelati. Mmm, Lime...

There was also conversationing. I started talking HBP with The Sister, who finished it a while ago, and is apparently enjoying spoiling it for anyone else. She showed remarkably good taste, in that she reckoned it was one of, if not the best in the series. She also said she cried at the end, which is actually a Big Deal for The Sister, seeing as she used to make fun of me for crying over movies. And TV. And books. (Yes, when it comes to fiction, I am a big wuss) But it was nice to see the opinion of someone who, while a fan, isn't involved in fandom at all, online or RL.

Maybe I should run a survey or something on the_hms_stfu, to see what people outside the fandom are thinking of all the insanity going on right now...*ponders*

But, all in all, a fun evening. Even if my sister did claim to be a communist.