October 26th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Randomosity, Mark 2

So Star Trek Club today was rather interesting. Watched what has to be one of the most subtextual slashy episodes ever. What with the Borg Queen practically drooling over Seven of Nine, and then Janeway and the Queen fighting over her. And then there were just so many "Are they going to kiss already?" moments, it almost wasn't funny. Oh, the femmeslash! And I'm not even normally a slasher...

For some reason, even though my iTunes is on shuffle, over the last few days, "Mist" by John Butler Trio keeps on being played. Not that I mind or anything, seeing as it's a great bit of music, but it's kind of weird, really.

Piece of advice: Do not, when working on Creative Writing, start procrastinating by reading fanfic. When you go back to work you start getting fanfic plot bunnies. ARGH! PLOT BUNNIES! And they aren't even ones I could adapt into a piece for CW, damn it.

Made fa11ing_away fall into the depths of squee by bringing my Casanova DVD to Uni today. It was very amusing.

I need more ideas for Creative Writing. Help me, flist, you're my only hope!