October 27th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Creative (or not) Writing

It is a bit past seven in the morning, and I am posting on my LJ.

This is because I have to present something in my Creative Writing Tute today, and my poetry is too short, and my "Dark and Stormy Night" thing is being a bastard.

So, I somehow came up with this. No idea where it came from, and it somehow ended up completely different from my original idea, but oh well.

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A note: The cemetery I describe in this is actually real - it's the one in Warrnambool, where my Pa is buried. His grave is also up on the hill. Everything else is fake, though.

Please, tell me what you think.

Also, the hot water in my building is broken for some reason. Which means I don't get a bloody shower. Bastards.
Utena: With Sword

Why College sucks, and Uni doesn't.

Gah! They still haven't fixed the bloody hot water! I had to wander all the way over to Wadden building just so I could actually have a shower. And their showers aren't nearly as nice as the ones we have here in Clunies.

*is annoyed* They were supposed to be fixed today. Yep, really service that is.

Anyway, despite how it first sounds, this post is not going to be all ranty and annoyed. It's actually rather positive from now on.

I've had a good day.

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And LJ related: I have update my memories. Hugely updated them. Lots added, lots rearranged, lots of interesting things.
Take a look.

Also, check this. Correspondance between Peter Pettigrew and John Howard. Yes, that John Howard. Very brilliant, and very funny work.

And just because it successfully freaked fa11ing_away out the other night: Inflatable Dalek Sex Toy. Strangest. Idea. Ever.

Bistromathics Quotes:
parakleta: "I have conical hat envy."

fa11ing_away: "What rhymes with navel?"
ranorith: "Orange."

knave_scurvy: "I need lipstick! You can't do mime without lipstick!"

anastomose: "We have toilet paper!"

fuzziebunie: "No man should have to fish to find his own underwear."