November 5th, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Sugar High!

Yayness! Sugar Ball was on tonight (For those not familiar with Second Floor-isms, Sugar Ball is basically like a costume party, only with sugar instead of alcohol).

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Many photos were taken. Sadly, the digital camera is still being fixed, so all were on film, but I might try and scan some in if I find any really good ones.

Anyway, some quotes from the night:
fa11ing_away: "You know what I've discovered...the reason Jesus can walk on water.
God is a duck."

fa11ing_away: "I am not fucking Jar-Jar!"
As I had just taken a mouthful of drink at this point, I promptly managed to snort it back out my nose, and end up spending the next five minutes hunched over, in minor hysterics, with tears of laughter running down my face.

tinyteddyqueen: "Stop filming Jesus!"

lenasupercat: "Who can be loud and organise people - Goldie!"

altheas: "Can we have a new Jesus?"

tinyteddyqueen: (To me) "Don't put dirty thoughts in Jesus' mind."

tinyteddyqueen: (About fa11ing_away) "She's not Jar-Jar, she's my mum!"

tinyteddyqueen: "The Antichrist is sitting on Jesus!"

tinyteddyqueen: "Jesus makes everyone laugh."

tinyteddyqueen: "I do not have a TARDIS between my legs. I'm Jesus."

bellmeister: "That's what the Bible lacks - balloons!"

parakleta: "How is it you cannot stroke in a straight line?"