November 22nd, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Confessions From A Crappy Computer

You know what would be a real bastard? A virus that worked by disabling virus scanners.

In other news: The virus scan thing has been running for 38 minutes, and still isn't finished.

ETA: And, finished at 40.36 minutes. 1 virus, 1 trojan and 7 spyware programs removed.

Damn, I hope it works better now. *goes to add scanner site to favourite links*

ETA (2.26): Okay, computer rebooted okay, which is a good sign. Then again, I thought it was working properly a few weeks back. And look what's happened now. Still as bloody slow as ever, though.

However... the file still will not work. Even when I save it to disc. *cries*
Utena: With Sword

Bad Day

So… my computer has been completely screwed over by a bloody virus, and about the only way I can see of fixing it involves completely reinstalling Windows.

…I went down to Casa Del to ask about the job, and I was old that if I hadn’t heard back from them, I most likely didn’t have it.

…I have a Maths exam tomorrow.

What a fucking awful day.


PS: Do any of you Melbournites know of somewhere I could get a job in the Brunswick/Parkville/Carlton/City region?

PPS: I am not getting comment notifications. Does anyone else have this problem?