December 3rd, 2005

Utena: With Sword

Coming soon: One epic photo-post, and one squee-filled GoF review

It is now 3:05 AM. I am very tired. I am smelly and bruised, and have been put on hold for several hours all up.

I am also very happy right now.

Why, you ask?

Because I have managed to get the internet working again. Finally.

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It's taken me four hours, five support line phone calls, several hours on hold, a whole lot of crawling around on foot stools in the middle of the night, but the internet is working again.

Today is a good day.
Utena: With Sword

A review of that movie with the kid and the magic.

Yes, so after promising it last night, I shall now post a nice long summary of my night (well, technically afternoon to start with) out, and a review of that movie. Yes, you know the one I mean.

And a photo post shall also be immediately forthcoming, as soon as I finish this post and can get the pictures up on photobucket.

Anyways, as people who are contact with me at the moment are aware, my sleeping pattern is slightly out of whack. Though compared to certain other people's I know of, it isn't that bad - at least I actually see daylight.

In any case, it meant setting the alarm so I'd be up at noon. Yes, you read that right. Well, me had to meet at 4.30, and I had to get all the way into the city, and before then I had to eat, and do a bit of money stuff, and but food to sneak into the cinema...

Anyway, my internet difficulties having been already documented around here, I headed down the Union computer labs to do some important stuff befored I headed down to the movie. And naturally, Melbourne weather being what it is, it was pourinf down despite yesterday's heat.

So, by the time I reached Crown, I was pretty much modelling the drowned rat look (it doesn't help that I was distracted by some rather interesting chalk art along Southbank, which I felt compelled to photograph - more on that in the photo-post)

Also, seeing as I had only been up for a few hours, and was planning on going in my Hogwarts costume, I had decided to just wear the non-robe (and non-pointed hat) bit for ease of transportation. Though, as I discovered, without the robe, the Hogwarts uniform just happens to look rather like a school uniform.

And...well, let's just say that wandering around the casino in a schoolgirl outfit gets you some rather interesting looks.

Anyways, got up to Village, and found that as I was somewhat early, hardly any FAS people were around. So we killed time whilst the others arrived - very few in cotume, sadly. Whatsherface who was arranging it was all Slytherinised, and saikogrrl has her Ravenclaw outfit, complete with an amazing battery powered wand *insert dirty jokes here*, and me in my Gryffindor thing, of course, but very little else.

Still, it was fun standing there in full costume, and watching all the people walk past staring. Especially when I'd grin at them over the balcony. No, I'm not an attention seeker at all...

But, the time came and we moved into the wonderful Gold Class cinema, with cushy chairs and lots of room. (Naturally, tinyteddyqueen and becker_ showed up late).

And then...the movie.

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And then, after the movie, there was more walking around in the rain, before we wander up to Lygon street, and had a late dinner. Which was nice.

And that was pretty much my afternoon/evening out.

Random Quotes (some are a few days old now):

bellmeister: "Trust me, I've dealt with a lot of cutlery."

The Guy at the computer lab: "I didn't recognise you without your hat. You're in disguise... incognito."
Signs your fashion sense might be a wee bit predictable

saikogrrl: "My shirt's coming undone."
vassilissa: "I guess it's not just your wand that's flashing."

altheas: "Isn't it cute watching geeks run?"

PS: fa11ing_away, what happened to you? You weren't there. And I had saved the seat next to me and everything, we were going to have some sychronised Tennant!squee...