January 18th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

Oh, sleep you glorous thing.

Gah! The 8AM job interview happened, and turned out to be not so much a job interview as a job fair type thing, in which several dozen people got divided into groups and did a few activities, as witnessed by the enmployment staff. It was actually sort of fun, even if everyone did have to go stand in front of everyone and demonstrate how they would try to talk up a mobile phone to a customer.

But not bad, apart from the ungodly timing, and I may hear back from someone in a week or two if I have the job.

Oh, and for teh mother, who is apparently reading this: it was for sales assistant positions at one of the 3 Mobile stores.

I also dscovered today that the kitchen staff at McDonald's wear blue gloves. And there were two of them in the banch I went to. (Yes, I went to a Maccas. Shut up.) I was most disturbed.

Anyway, what with the lack of sleep and all, I toddled up to Uni - Union House in particular, and then spent several hours sleep in the Mary Cooke Lounge. Ran into a few people, also. Found forsakendaemon, and finally managed to get my prettiful rainbow Mobius scarf, and said hi to a few others.

Also, ran into fa11ing_away in the computer labs, where we had much geeky and squee talk, and I managed to nab a whole bunch of songs off her to replace some I had missing.

One of these songs I got was "Numa Numa." I don't know if this is a good thing or not.

A final sign that you are sleep deprived: when you see a sign advertising "Mammoth Sales" and start wondering how much of a discount there is on the Mammoths.

Random quote:
fa11ing_away: "Go, go, broadband, go!"

ETA: fa11ing_away, if you want to join me in inspections and the like, could you please let me know what days and times you are available so I can arrange things conveniently. Thanks in advance, and let me know what you work out
Utena: With Sword

What is this I spy? Why, it's another links list!

Yes, it's that time again. Another bountiful list of links for everyone to peruse and be entertained by.

Well, hopefully, anyway.

This list has a particularly large selection of Doctor Who links, what with the exciting new canon we had recently, which provoked much fanficcing and amusement (as well as being an utterly brilliant episode in it's own right). Not that all the fic I have to recommend is The Christmas Invasion of course.

And you can't have a links list with copious Harry Potter links, can you?

Links are sorted by fandom (or absence of), yeah, yeah, you know the drill.

My previous links lists can be found here, for those interested. (Yes, I have finally gotten around to doing some tags for them. I am as shocked as you are)

And, on with the show...

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And that makes just over 70 new links. Wow.