January 21st, 2006

Utena: With Sword

Tristan got some booty!

So, I was going to write up this post last night. However, when I got back last night I was slightly tipsy - if by "slightly", you mean "unable to focus on the computer long enough to complete a sentence" - so decided sleep would be preferable.

But, in any case the alcohol is now out of my system, and I can thus describe my night out.

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And I give you Collapse )

Work was rather amusing today. I rang up one bloke who wanted to know how I got his number. And when I told him it was from the phonebook, accused me of lying. (Because he had a silent number) I mentioned it was an old phonebook. He said he'd had a silent number for almost 10 years. So I read the number. And the name. And the address. He started to imply I was doing something illegal to get this information. I told him it was in the phonebook. He said he had checked every phonebook over the past ten years (!) and his number wasn't it any of them. I said it had to be, I was reading it. He said I was lying, and started talking about law-suits. I tried not to laugh, because seeing as I was telling the truth, he was so pwned if he tried.

So, he asked to speak to my boss. Dunno what happened there, although she mentioned afterwards that she somehow got him to direct his towards the phonebook people, rather than us.

Still...it was utterly hilarious. There is nothing funnier than arguing with someone who is 100% wrong and can't change this, and yet is adamant they are right.

Random Quotes:

becker_: (to tinyteddyqueen) "Now I have bra-rash because of your t-shirt."

Me (by request of fa11ing_away): "They have cages around the stores! What, are they afraid the stores are going to attack?"

(About the sake)
Phil: "Perhaps it's a 15 percent error margin."
aurileus: "Perhaps it's a 15 percent survival rate."

Anyone and Everyone: "Tristan got some booty!"
Utena: With Sword

I'm melllltiiiiing....

Gah! It is so goddamn HOT! Horridly, painfully, awfully hot.

I do not like it, I do not like it at all.

So it was very lucky that work was air-conditioned. (Speaking of, I have yet again proved that Saturdays at work pwn. Sold more tickets today than in the entire of the week. Then again, it was a crap week.)

Air-conditioned trams are good, also. Particularly when you have the entertainment value of overhearing the girl sitting behind you detailing the plot of HBP to a friend. I discovered that everyone thinks the end is very sad, even if they haven't read it. Oh, and the girl who hadn't read it had two questions. The first was whether Snape was evil or not, and the second was whether Ron and Hermione had finally gotten together.

Haha! So much for non-fans thinking it's Harry/Hermione! *is smug at Harmonians*

Also, I discovered that a good way to kill a a bit of time in the city is to wander down to Melbourne Central (nice, air-conditioned, Melbourne Central), and stand outside the petshop watching the kittens play. OMGSOCUTE!

And on the subject of kittens, check out my new icon (by ikonsbykate) *is dead from the cute*

I hope tomorrow is a bit cooler. I need to fax a house application to altheas, and go to a house inspection, and both require large amounts of walking in non-shady areas.

Bloody hot weather.

ETA: Good news, everbody!

I have heard - from several, rather knowledgable sources - that Futurama will be coming back.

In four straight to DVD movies, but what the hell. It's Futurama.

*is even more dead from awesome*