January 26th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

It is the Day of Australia

Happy Australia Day!

No, that sounds stupid. What does one say on Australia Day? "Congratulations, some British bloke found our continent"?


I had to work today. *sulks* And we didn't even get a bonus of anything, which sucks like a mightily sucking thing. Not in the proper sense, anyway - I got some extra money, but that was only because my boss screwed up my pay for last week, and had to make up for it, which was pleasing.

I mean, yeah, the pay was still utter crap, but it's crap that I am capable of living on. At the moment, anyway. Once we work out the whole new place thing, that might change.

Still, despite the lack of bonus, today was a fairly good day at work. That said, this week has been a vast improvement on last week, really. Despite the awful heat.

Amusements included selling eight tickets to a guy with the surname Tennant. Sadly, his first name wasn't actually David, though. No, I didn't pull out the page of the White Pages with all the Tennants on it so I could call them all. Really.

Oh, and there was this classic comment from some lady:
"No thank you, but thanks anyway. Thank you, goodbye!"

Tomorrow shall be our day of house-huntiness. This could be interesting...