February 5th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

The weird, the wacky and the woeful.

To start with: Ickiness.

So, I thought that I had done with all the sunburn peeling. And then I have a shower last night, and half the skin on my shoulder comes off.

*shudders* It was just disgusting.

...And naturally, I felt obliged to share it with you all.

We had some interesting calls at work today. I came across a Peter Davison, which amused me greatly, even if he was an accountant. He had a cool answering machine message.

Also, Anna sold some tickets to Elizabeth Taylor, and one of the guys spoke with a John Howard (who was apparently very apologetic about his name. Pity the other one isn't)

Other than that, work was actually quite bad - Saturdays are normally really good, so I was shocked at how bad today went. Not just mediocore, but bad. It sucked like an almighty sucking thing.

*sighs* It has not been the best week.

Anyways, to cheer myself up, I decided to go trawl some cheap, trashy chain stores to see if I could find some decent clothes.

Which is bloody hard, I can assure you.

Still, I got a long velvet skirt for $6, and a 90 cent belt and an amusing t-shirt, which made me feel better. And a new red scarf. Yes, another one.

Back at Teh New Place this evening, I ended up watching A Knight's Tale with the roomies. I'd seen it before, but it was still an okay movie - nowhere near one of my favourites, and certain aspects of it make me cringe horribly, but watchable.

Though I do think there must be something wrong with me - the whole way through, I kept thinking of how eminently slashable Wat and Chauncer were with each other. *headdesk*

Also, got a call from Mum, enquiring about the new place, and about the house hunt. She brought up an interesting question, which I think I'll put to altheas and fa11ing_away: Do you think the Real Estate Agents might take us a little more seriously if we had a parent present?

Because she said she could possibly arrange a trip up to Melbourne soon...

It's a small world after all...

There are coincidences and coincidences, you know?

I mean, there are tose little things that make you go, "Well, that's weird." And then there are the things that make you go, "OMGWTF I don't fucking believe it!"

Today, I had a big one.

I'm just hanging around the house, right, after a long sleep in, and sylver_spiders and atygir get in, with a friend of theirs named Dylan. I, naturally, go to meet the guy, and join in the conversation.

So Dylan mentions something briefly about wearing a kilt, which amuses me briefly, and then starts talking about a pipe-band, and mention playing the bagpipes.

This suddenly links up a few things in my mind, and blurt out a question, asking if he had ever been on a ghost tour of Melbourne. (Don't ask)

To which he says yes, goggles at me, and then we both start laughing.

Here's the kicker: This guy who is a friend of two of my new room-mates - one of whom I met for the first time on Friday, the other I have known for less than a year - who is randomly visiting when I am in, is the same guy I met and talked with for several hours on a ghost tour of Melbourne back in 2003!

I still have his mobile number on my phone. And his business card.

Seriously, it's times like this world seems to be a crazy, crazy place.

On househuntiness: fa11ing_away, is Tuesday suitable for you to have another day house hunting? Because it suits altheas and I, and I want to get onto things right away.

Also, a lesson to be learnt: Do not get over-excited when you misread the words "Appointment with Tenant."