February 14th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

Desperate times...

Okay, in the panic that came from Gina's turn to the Dark Side and all the havoc that wrought, I did something really can't believe I was desperate enough to try out.

I rang and asked my Mum to help me find a house.

So, as she was coming down to Melbourne for a conference, anyway, she's going to be in Melbourne as of tomorrow night. Which means for Thursday, we shall be toddling to look at houses.

So, altheas, fa11ing_away if you can arrange anything, make it Thursday. (And fa11ing_away, if you want to come with, do tell me. But make sure you have all the necessary paperwork)

So, I am of to scour the real estate places.

And God I hope we get some results. Because there is no fucking way I am going back to college now. Hell, if I must, I'd even consider leaving you two on your own, and finding a one bedroom or studio place somewhere. No offence meant, but I can't go back to college. Not now.