April 16th, 2006

Utena: With Sword

"A little bit foxy."

Yay, I got it! (Note to self: don't bother waking up early. The downloads are all busy and slow. Wake up later, when they are less crowded)

This was written as I watched it for the second time.

Collapse )

Non spoiler version = It was great fun, even if it did get a bit silly in parts, and is hardly a classic. But entirely worth it for the intense hilarity. Not as good as TCI, but I still loved it a lot, and it was intensely quotable. Basically, a whole lot of brilliant little things held together in a rather weak plot. And the trailers for next week win like whoa.

Also, Ten owns my soul.

*wants fic now. And not just cliche "Oh noes, I remember!" junk about Rose

(PS. Confidential viewable anywhere? Even if it's just an online vid place? Anything non-torrent is fine for me)