May 14th, 2006

Utena: With Sword


Crap. The latest episode of Doctor Who is finished, and it is starting to set my flist a-squee. And due to the stupid shaped Internet connection, I won't be able to see it until midnight tonight.

That is to say, almost 20 hours away.

And, considering how much of my damned flist is Doctor Who related, I will have to avoid it entirely to prevent getting spoilerised.

Along with most of the forums I frequent.


*sighs* So, don't mind me, I'll just be sitting here finishing off my links list and doing homework.

Stupid shaping. *sulks some more*
Utena: With Sword

The Links List (With A Vengeance)

Yes, it's that links list time again. And as is only to be expected, what with the new season and all, we have Doctor Who fic like whoa. And, because I am feeling kind and generous and all, I'll go and categorise when they were written so those who are a few eps behind don't get spoilerised.

This has nothing to do with me killing time before I can watch the new episode. Really

But it's not all Doctor Who, you know. Just mostly.

No really, I swear.

My previous Links Lists can all be found here, as always.

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And as an extra-special bonus, The LiveJournal Fanmix. Greatest. Fanmix. Ever.

Not quite 60 links this time, so smaller than the last few, but that's still a damned lot of links. Hoorah!